April 1  -  September 5, 2022.
This exhibition focuses on African forms influenced modernism.
In the early 20th century, Paris, Picasso, a leader among young artists sought the direction of art after the post-impressionism. One day in 1904, his friend came to invite him to go to an interesting museum on the hills of Trocadero. Picasso who thought it would be just killing his time was glued on the museum's collection. It was the first time for him to see African masks and statues. He saw their modeling expression that was 180 degree different from the European methods which has been seen. As a result, he could find a new concept of forms and colors that were leaded him to announce “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon” in 3 years later. It blossomed as an art movement called “Cubism”.
African sculptures which deviated from the concept of European beauty captured the hearts of young artists in Paris during the early 20th century and opened the door to new art creations.
African sculpture influenced almost every artist in the early 20th century, not only Picasso and Black, but also Matisse, Modigliani, Clay, Leger, Brancusi, Giacometti or Henry Moore. The concept has evolved into abstract art that extends to contemporary art and visual expression.
General admission
Adult 800yen. Students 700yen. Children under 12 is free (accompanied by an adult).
9:30AM〜5PM (last entry is 4:30PM)
Tuesday and Wednesday.
(except when national holidays fall on Tuesday or Wednesday)
Open every day through July and August.
Displayed artworks will be completely changed in the first and second half of the exhibition.
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